Robots in the Lab.



Our research covers Design, implementation, control methods, sensing mechanisms, actuation mechanisms, software architecture, artificial intelligence, and other aspects of intelligent robots:
ongoing subjects include (and are not limited to) musculoskeletal humanoid robots inspired from human body structure, kitchen assistant robots, intelligent robot components, daily-life assistance robots, and so on.

Development and control of Humanoid inspired from human's body structure

Musculoskeletal Humanoid Kotaro

Musculoskeletal Humanoid "Kotaro"
  • This humanoid robot was developed in 2005 for the demonstration at the Aichi EXPO.
  • Kotaro's page

Development and control of physically flexible robots

Pneumatic actuation system

Robots that embed air compressor(s)

Kitchen Assistant Robot

Kitchen Assistant Robot
  • This robot was developed in a joint research with Panasonic corp.

Autonomous robots in daily life

Autonomous vacuum robot with arm(s) for handling objects

Intelligent robot software components

Intelligent RT Sensor Components for Life Environment Information Sensing

Testing platform (reference hardware) of Open RT Platform

NEDO Reference Hardware
  • This robot has been developed in a project sponsered by NEDO.

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